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Success Tastes Great at Pizzabaker !

Pizzabaker is one of Europe’s fastest growing pizza chains, following extraordinary growth in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and with over 180 stores now open worldwide, the group has reached a major milestone with the announcement of its first store opening in Ireland. Pizzabaker is a fast casual pizza company where pizza can be collected directly from the store or delivered to the customers homes or offices and already serves more than 5 million pizzas a year.

Take a slice of the action with a Pizzabaker Franchise.

Pizzabaker is a fun, fresh and funky brand that sells at a competitive price point and offers an affordable family meal price. Pizzabaker stores are a low cost franchise setup in the highly profitable pizza industry.

Show me the love !

Pizzabakers make fresh pizza dough daily in store to stand out from their competitors. They also use fresh ingredients where possible. A typical Pizzabaker has a menu of over 30 pizzza and add ons such as soft drinks & ice creams. To ensure consistency of pizzas an OEM tunnel pizza oven is used. Pizzabaker believe strongly is supporting the local community and sports groups with a special emphasis on kids and families. Pizzabakers philososphy is "Big on Taste, Great on Price".

What's in it for me ?

Pizzabaker supplies systems, training and support to all franchisees, national marketing, website and a mobile app are also provided. Pizzabaker offers a straight forward monthy franchisee fee, with no licence fees and no hidden costs. Pizzabaker will provide concepts for store design, signage & equipment layout. The capital outlay you will need is to cover equipment and building work. On an ongoing basis Pizzabaker will provide purchasing power, new product development and innovation to you. 

We want to grow with you !

What you need 

* Previous business management experience

* Entrepreneurial spirit, passion and energy

* Evidence of funds to invest in building works and equipment

Next Step

Contacts Sean Largey, CEO, Pizzabaker Invest Ireland Ltd on

E: sean@pizzabaker.ie

M: 087 167 6178

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